We put a lot of care in stitching all our products by hand, making sure our products will give you a lifetime of joy and memories. If, for any reason, the stitching of any of our products becomes undone, we will repair the stitching for free. We offer this service for 3 reasons:


First of all our goal is to deliver quality products to our beloved customers and we believe that this includes proper after sales service. We believe our stitching will last a lifetime, but if for some reason it doesn't, we will repair the stitching for free.


Secondly, we know that our customers are having fond memories about their games and adventures. The beautiful and unique patina that leather creates over time might have emotional value to our customers, reminding them of these adventures. By repairing the pouch instead of replacing it, these memories can live on.


And lastly, by repairing the stitching instead of replacing the pouch completely, we reduce the amount of materials that went into the product and extend it's lifetime, helping out the planet one pouch at a time.

Stitcher's Guarantee