About Shamrock Games

Hi, I'm Billie!

I founded Shamrock Games from my two passions: leathercraft and
board games. 

My main focus is tabletop roleplay games since the leathercraft ties in so well with the fantasy theme that many RPGs have. But behind the scenes I am working on a bunch of different ideas ranging from my own boardgames to home-decor for your game room. 

I have decided to hand-stitch all of my products because it looks better, it is stronger and it results in a more personal product. I want to make sure my products are the perfect gift, for a friend, or for yourself.

Another great thing about making products by hand is that you can personalise them to your own desire. I offer a mix of colours on the site, but if you really want something special and unique you can always fill in the form below to contact me and then we can discuss the options of a custom product.

Thanks for having a look at my website, and remember, by supporting a small business you make big dreams come true!